Basic Social Media Marketing Package


1. Reel Creation and Editing
– Creation of 5 high-quality reels per month
– Professional editing of each reel to enhance visual appeal
– Incorporation of brand elements and messaging

2. Content Strategy and Planning
– Development of a content strategy tailored to your business goals
– Monthly content calendar planning
– Research and implementation of trending topics and hashtags

3. Scriptwriting and Storyboarding
– Scriptwriting for each reel to ensure clear and engaging messaging
– Storyboarding to plan the visual elements and flow of each reel

4. Visual and Audio Effects
– Addition of visual effects and transitions to make reels more dynamic
– Selection and incorporation of appropriate background music or sound effects

5. Optimization for Platforms
– Optimization of reels for different social media platforms (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, etc.)
– Ensuring each reel meets the specific requirements and best practices of each platform

6. Performance Tracking and Reporting
– Monthly performance reports detailing views, engagement, and reach of each reel
– Insights and recommendations based on performance data to improve future content

7. Revisions and Feedback
– Allowance for up to 2 revisions per reel to ensure satisfaction
– Regular feedback sessions to align content with business objectives

8. Support and Consultation
– Email support for any questions or issues
– Monthly consultation calls to review performance and discuss strategy



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