Basic Google Ads Service Package


1. Account Setup and Configuration
– Initial setup of Google Ads account
– Linking Google Ads account with Google Analytics for comprehensive tracking
– Setting up billing information

2. Campaign Creation
– Creation of up to 3 ad campaigns (Search, Display, or Shopping)
– Setting up ad groups and targeting options
– Keyword research and selection for targeted reach
– Ad copywriting and design (up to 10 ads)

3. Ad Extensions Setup
– Setting up relevant ad extensions (site link, callout, structured snippets, etc.)

4. Budget Management
– Setting up daily and monthly budget limits
– Bid strategy and management to optimize cost-per-click (CPC)

5. Conversion Tracking
– Setting up conversion tracking to measure the performance of ads
– Integration with Google Analytics for detailed reporting

6. Performance Monitoring and Reporting
– Weekly performance monitoring and adjustments
– Monthly performance reports with insights and recommendations

7. Basic Optimization
– Initial campaign optimization to improve click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rates
– Negative keyword implementation to avoid irrelevant clicks
– A/B testing of ads to identify the best-performing variants

8. Support and Consultation
– Email support for any questions or issues
– Monthly consultation call to review performance and discuss strategies



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